It has come to our attention that there is an astonishing quantity of evidence that suggests that the story of humanities' origin and evolution on earth may be very different from traditionally accepted theories and accounts.

The implications of this evidence are mind-boggling. If true, we will have to re-write our understanding of the ancient past and our perception of who we are, how we came to be, and what we are doing here. To say that these are 'charged' subjects is an understatement. This evidence challenges the 'party-line' of every major social institution - religion, academia, science, media, and the government. It also appears that these institutions may have helped shape, either consciously or unconsciously, a very limited view on human history, origins, evolution, and potential.

The ORIGINS Project’s purpose is :

To seek out anomalous evidence, events, and accounts related to human origins and evolution.

To analyze and document this information in a objective manner, using both linear scientific methodology as well as shamanistic, mystical, and other non-linear points of view.

To provide a forum to discuss and explore ‘reality altering’ material and to help extract the relevancy and meaning of the information to our lives today.

The story of human origins, ancient history, and evolution is a jigsaw puzzle fragmented into thousands of pieces. Our mission is to attempt to assemble the pieces in a balanced objective fashion. We believe that only by having an accurate understanding of our past can we fully comprehend our postition in the present and options for the future. We believe that any social, political, religious, and personal situation, no matter how mired in apparently 'unsolvable', confusing circumstances, can be understood and dealt with - if you trace the situation to its' roots - to its' origins.